List of Companies in Romania

Quick and easy access to financial data and contact information

Company Report
Total companies in the database 772 880
With foreign capital 57 180 8%
Database Accuracy Higher than 90%.
Business Intelligence Completion Report
Company data Nr. Percentage
Name 772 880 100.0%
County 772 880 100.0%
Locality 772 880 100.0%
Postal address 692 370 89.6%
NACE code 771 552 99.8%
Social capital 651 456 99.0%
Decision Pers. 744 258 96.3%
Phone 164 088 21.2%
Mobile 464 973 60.2%
Fax 101 498 13.1%
Email 314 258 40.0%
Web address 97 256 12.6%
Financial Information 2017
Employees 582 692 75.4%
Turnover 582 692 75.4%
Net profit 582 692 75.4%
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Company data

Geographic Area

Area of activity

Contact information

Financial data

Data relating to companies

(Only information about companies that are not radiated or bankrupt is provided.)

Identification data

Full name of the company
CUI (fiscal code)
Registration number at the Commerce Registry
Forms of company organization

Contact information

The address of the company's headquarters and other major representations
Geocoding (latitude and longitude)
Name of contacts and influential people
Phone numbers of key contacts
Other numbers
Email Address
Web address
Fax numbers

Financial information

Social capital
Fiscal value
Census and profits (size and growth)
Loss / debt
Fixed assets
Current assets
Foreign apital

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